Apprentice Training

The National Society of Master Thatchers offer a thatching apprenticeship which is supported by a mentoring scheme.

Apprentices are employed by an experienced NSMT member and will be trained to have the skills and knowledge required to become competent in their craft. Apprentice training is carried out on site and the apprentice will be taught about site Health and Safety.

Apprenticeships are offered to school leavers of 16 years + and, once enrolled on the NSMT scheme, apprentices work towards an NVQ in thatching.

Each apprentice is allocated a mentor from the NSMT who, along with their Master, will supervise their work and help compile their portfolio, which is allocated at the start of the apprenticeship to record the various elements of their work and to create a portfolio of their skills and health and safety training.

Looking towards the future and working with other thatching firms, apprentices will find this training record very helpful, as will their prospective employers.

At the end of an apprenticeship a Certificate of Completion is awarded and work assessed for an NVQ – L2 QUE 842, after which, work may be continued towards achieving an NVQ L3 – QUP 870.

To find out which NSMT thatchers may be able to offer apprenticeships in your area, please refer to Find A Thatcher on our website and type in your postcode to generate contact details for thatchers nearby.

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