Buckinghamshire Thatched Property Insurance

Do you own a property with a thatched roof? Do you live in Buckinghamshire? Then the NSMT can help you find the best insurance for thatched properties in your local area. Thatched cottage insurance is important, as standard roof insurance policies often don’t fully cover thatching. So, if something should happen, you risk being left out of pocket. 

While the NSMT does not provide thatched property insurance, and we won’t recommend any insurance companies, we can provide you with a list of insurers to get you started. Reviewing this list should give you a better understanding of what to look for when shopping for insurance products. To learn more, call us on 01530 222954. 

Best Buckinghamshire Thatched Property Insurance

Whether you’re in the market for thatching services or enquiring about insurance for thatched properties, you’ve come to the right place. Here at the National Society for Master Thatchers (NSMT), we represent around 30% of the thatching industry or around 350 thatchers. Among the many services we perform in this regard is helping owners find insurance products for their homes. 

While we don’t make official recommendations, we can put you in touch with various reputable insurance providers. You can find the right insurance products for your requirements by comparing these providers. Your home will be protected with the right insurance cover should the unthinkable happen. 

What Is Thatched Property Insurance?  

Homes with thatched roofs are at far greater risk of catching fire. That’s because thatching is made from straw, reeds, and even palm fronds, commonly found in rural areas and some historic districts. These materials are eco-friendly but more prone to catching alight and providing fuel for a fire to spread. 

For this reason, most roof insurance policies don’t provide high enough levels of coverage. So, if your home has a thatched roof, you’ll need thatched roof insurance. Here are a few reasons why thatched insurance is necessary for homes with thatched roofs: 

  • Provides Cover for All Types of Thatching 
  • Provides Cover for All Heating Types, from Gas and Electricity to Solid Fuel Stoves and Open Fires 
  • Provides Cover for Your Home Whether It’s Occupied, Listed, an Air BnB, a Holiday Home, or a Let Property 
  • Provides Cover to Allow for Replacing and Repairing Non-Standard Materials 
  • Policies Can be Expanded to Included Jewellery and Artwork 

Many thatched property insurance policies include many popular benefits, including bespoke cover for your buildings and contents. Many policies provide access to insurance valuers who will assist with rebuilding costs. Accidental damage cover is also often included as standard. 

Contents Insurance  

When a fire breaks out, it’s not just the building at risk, but the contents of the building, too. Contents can include furniture, electricals, appliances, clothes, etc. When you take out thatched property insurance, many policies include contents insurance. Any items listed in the policy will be protected if anything should happen, and you’ll be fully covered. With contents insurance built-in, your home and possessions are safeguarded. 

Cover for Fires, Storms, and Floods  

Thatched properties are especially at risk of damage from fires, storms, and floods. Thatching materials are more flammable than traditional roofing materials. They can be more easily ignited by an errant lighting strike or more easily damaged by strong winds. Because of this, standard insurance policies often won’t cover thatched roofs. 

Thatched property insurance provides property owners with complete peace of mind as cover for such occurrences is written into all policies. 

How to Reduce the Price of Thatch Insurance  

If your home has a thatched roof and you’re shopping for insurance products, you’ll want to find a way to keep the costs down. This is especially true with the current cost-of-living crisis. Fortunately, you can protect your home without spending a fortune on insurance. 

There are several simple steps you can take to significantly reduce your thatched insurance quote: 

  • Install Smoke Detectors  
  • Maintain Safe Electrical Wiring  
  • Clean Chimneys  
  • Fit Fire Barriers  
  • Use Fire Protection Sprays  
  • Compare Quotes  

Because following these steps makes you less of a risk, insurance providers will be happier to offer you a better deal whereby you pay lower premiums each month. 

So, you know what to do if you’re looking to protect your home, family, and possessions while saving on your insurance. 

How to Find Thatched Property Insurance  

If you’re in the market for thatched property insurance and wish to ensure that your home has the right cover, then the NSMT is here to help. As the largest recognised body of thatchers in the industry, we serve as a repository of information regarding thatched property and liability insurance. Liability insurance is what thatchers take out, providing cover while working on your roof. 

Should anything happen while they’re working on your home, the liability insurance will ensure that any damage is financially covered. 

However, if you’re reading this article, you’re likely enquiring about thatched property insurance. To find thatched property insurance, click on our website’s insurance page, where you’ll link to companies that specialise in thatched property insurance. We recommend choosing a company that specialises in thatched property insurance over a general insurance provider as they typically have far more experience and knowledge, which can be beneficial. 

Brief History of NSMT  

The county-based Master Thatchers Associations (MTAs) were formed in 1947, and their goal is to improve and encourage high standards. In 1967, the 12 regional MTAs formed the National Society of Master Thatchers’ Association (NSMTAs). In doing so, they created a national voice for the industry, taking a crucial step towards becoming a unifying body. 

In 1977, it was realised that individuals wanted to be recognised as master thatchers in their own right. So, a new constitution was drawn up, and the NSMTAs changed its name to the National Society of Master Thatchers. 

Today, the NSMT represents around 350 thatchers or 30% of the industry, with memberships of the National Society and MTAs overlapping. 


If you want to see what our member contractors can do for your homes, Buckinghamshire customers, click on our gallery. Here, you’ll see examples of other thatching projects that illustrate the exceptional standards of our member thatchers. 

Become a Member 

Become a member and receive support from a team of experts committed to informing you of important regulation changes. Through NSMT membership, you gain the following: 

  • Forms to Help You Operate Efficiently 
  • Access to the Apprenticeship Scheme 
  • Trials of New Cereal Straw Varieties 
  • Access to Research into Material Handling 
  • Access to Advice for Customers and Thatchers 
  • Dispute Support 
  • Access to Website Members Area 

All this and more are happening, and we’re always looking for ways to support contractors with their thatching projects and more. 


The NSMT provides access to much more than thatchers and insurance companies. On our website, you’ll find a slew of resources, from apprentice training to information regarding conservation, planning, electrical installations, and more. 

Find a Thatcher  

If you’re looking to find a thatcher to work on your home, you can do so without the risk of hiring unproven companies. Use our ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool to find thatchers local to your area. Any thatcher that appears in our database has demonstrated that they’ve met our high workmanship, service, and affordability standards. 

If a company bears our logo but does not appear in our database, be aware. For more details, contact the NSMT today. 

Why Choose Us? 

Without thatched property insurance, your home is at serious risk should a fire break out or a storm occur. Standard roof insurance won’t cut it, and you could risk being out of pocket if you’re not sufficiently prepared. The NSMT has existed in one form or another since 1947, with roots dating back even further. 

For the last 75 years, we’ve remained committed to maintaining the highest industry standards, assuring customers and thatchers. 

Contact Us Today  

So, if you’d like to learn more about thatched property insurance and why it’s essential for thatched properties, get in touch with the NSMT. Here at the NSMT, we’re considered the largest recognised body of master thatchers in the UK. We operate in the world of thatching, assuming various roles, such as providing information regarding insurance for homes with thatch roofs. 

We’re always ready and willing to discuss those interested in learning more about thatched insurance and thatching services. To contact the NSMT, phone us on 01530 222954. Alternatively, you can contact our thatched property specialists by filling out our online contact form or emailing info@nsmtltd.uk 

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