Buckinghamshire Thatchers

Do you require the assistance of a team of qualified Buckinghamshire thatchers? Have you been searching for a highly knowledgeable team near you but aren’t sure who to trust? If so, you have now come to the right place, as we at the NSMT can help you find qualified and reliable thatchers near you.

With our Find a Thatcher database, you can find registered master thatchers in your area, all of whom are trustworthy and experienced. If you require further information regarding thatch, call us today on 01530 222954.

The First-Choice Buckinghamshire Thatchers

If you require thatchers for your roof, and you have found it difficult to find reliable local thatchers in Buckinghamshire, you have now come to the right place. Here at the NSMT, we hold an extensive database that lists qualified and registered thatchers across the UK. Every thatcher on our list is reliable, and their work is peer reviewed for quality, so you can trust any thatcher you find through our database.

For first-choice Buckinghamshire thatchers, simply enter your postcode into our database and it will find your local thatchers.

Our Selection of Thatching Services

Here at the NSMT, we know everything there is to know about thatch, and our aim is to pass this knowledge on. So, while we can help you find local Buckinghamshire thatchers to work on your thatched roof, we also offer a range of additional thatching services, such as handy resources and information regarding thatch.

Benefits of Our Thatching Services

The thatching services we offer, such as resources and information, are highly beneficial to thatchers and any homeowner with a thatched roof. If you are thinking of investing in a thatched roof, our services can be beneficial to you too, as you will be provided with all the relevant information beforehand.

It is important to understand your thatched roof and how best to maintain it, as this ensures its longevity and reduces any costs for repairs. It is also beneficial for our information to be passed onto new thatchers, such as through apprenticeships, ensuring the art of thatching isn’t lost over time.

A Guide to Specification

If you are new to thatch, you will no doubt have many questions about thatching materials, structures that go into making a thatched roof, and more. At the NSMT, we are on hand to assist with any questions you may have, and we have created a handy Guide to Specification to talk through some of the above questions.

On this page, you can find information regarding that thatch materials, the types of fixings, ridging, and netting used, and even information regarding conservation of thatch.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to the National Society of Master Thatchers, the largest recognised body of thatchers in the UK. Our aim is to help both owners and thatchers maintain thatched roofs across the UK, and to provide a sustainable future for thatch.

As such, we can help put you in touch with local Buckinghamshire thatchers, all of whom are fully qualified and registered to work on your thatched roof. We can also provide you with useful information regarding thatch should you require it.

Regardless of your thatching requirements, we at the NSMT are on hand to assist in any way we can.


Would you like to see some of the stunning thatching work the thatchers in our database have carried out over the years? If so, head to our gallery page, where you will see many images showcasing the skilled workmanship and talent of our registered thatchers. Once you have seen the quality of work available through our registered thatchers, we are confident you will reach out to find your own local Buckinghamshire thatchers.

Contact Us Today

Whether you need to find local Buckinghamshire thatchers or more information regarding thatch, we at the NSMT are on hand to assist. Give us a call today on 01530 222954, fill out our contact form, or send an email to info@nsmtltd.co.uk to find our more. Alternatively, use our Find a Thatcher database to locate your local thatchers.

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