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Cambridgeshire clients, our Cambridgeshire thatchers are dedicated to providing you with all that you need to preserve the beauty of your historical properties and homes! The National Society of Master Thatchers (NSMT) is the UK’s largest and most well-known body of thatchers. We assist owners and thatchers in maintaining thatched roofs on historic and beautiful homes. To ensure that thatch has a future, we do research, promote conservation mechanisms, and stimulate new inventive designs. In addition, we carry out apprenticeships as well as provide you with an expert thatcher near you!  

You can always count on us to direct you to an expert thatching member in Cambridgeshire to deliver the best quality work on your roofs! For information on conservation thatching, apprenticeships, fire safety, and insurance, then give us a call at 01530 222954 or reach out to us by email at, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

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Before NSMT, thatchers have had a collective voice under the Master Thatcher Associations (MTAs), where they were based by county. After several years, the voice expanded nationally to form the first version of the NMST, the National Society of Master Thatchers.

This community of thatchers and apprentices in thatching remains well and alive under NSMT. We are here to direct you and help you locate expert Cambridgeshire thatchers to assist you in what you need. Our goal as a society and community of thatching experts is to assist in the conservation and preservation of remarkable historic properties and sites. 

We understand that the raw materials we use for thatching are prone to fire hazards, and that is precisely why we aim and assist in protecting thatched properties from harm and fires. We provide teaching and education on risk management for your thatched properties, such as how to maintain the use of a chimney or log burner and what warning signs you might be looking for to alert you of a possible fire. 

Finally, we aim to expand our community with apprentice thatching training, with apprentices trained on-site by our own experienced members. Each apprentice is assigned a mentor who will teach them about the health and safety of the site they are working on.  Apprentices are soon to be members of the NSMT, which means they are highly supervised and helped to build their portfolio on the basis of becoming a master thatcher. 

Why Choose NSMT for Our Thatching Services? 

When it comes to thatching to preserve historic properties and sites, we are, without a doubt, your number one choice! We have years of experience and an extensive team of expert thatchers from all around the UK. We will get you in direct contact with the best Cambridgeshire thatchers to serve you and help you with your properties’ restoration and conservation needs.  

We use the best thatching materials, cereal straws and water reeds, which leave the roof with a nice shaggy finish. But, of course, the finest materials need the finest thatching experts! Our members of the NSMT are trained in thatching for sites with the greatest of care. Thatching experts know exactly what to do and what to tell you regarding risk management and safety as yearly, around 60 to 80 properties are lost due to fires. We are well prepared and ready to be at your service in any situation around the UK. 

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If you are looking for thatching work to be professionally done on your property, then look no further than NSMT! We are a community of thatching experts that aim to protect our heritage by conserving properties and maintaining their longevity. We ensure that you will have a master and expert thatcher near you whenever you might need one. Our Cambridgeshire thatchers will be there to assist you in planning, maintaining, and preserving the historic property of your choosing. We also work side by side with the governmental authorities on contracts for the conservation of historical sights. 

Cambridgeshire client’s, you won’t find better thatching experts who are prepared with the best material, best fieldwork, and the best knowledge than right here at NSMT. So please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01530 222954 or reach out to us by email at for any of your thatching enquiries and needs or to hire a professional thatcher.  

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