Derbyshire Thatchers

Are you looking to hire a professional team of thatchers but unsure where to turn? There are certainly a lot of companies to choose from, but standards will vary wildly across the board. The best way to be absolutely sure that you’re hiring one of the best thatching companies is to turn to the NSMT. The National Society of Master Thatchers is the official thatching industry body. Membership is obtained by demonstrating exceptionally high standards. 

We’ve cultivated a database of companies that we trust to meet our standards, ensuring customer satisfaction. You can find thatchers near you simply by clicking on our ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool. And if you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team directly, you can do so by calling the NSMT on 01530 222 954. We also welcome enquiries from our members and any company looking to learn more about membership. 

Derbyshire Thatchers You Can Rely on  

At the NSMT, we’re pleased to be the go-to source for customers looking to hire professional thatching services in Derbyshire. Whether your property needs a new roof, your roof needs fixing, the ridge needs replacing, or you require a different service entirely, you’ve come to the right place. We put you in touch with the most trusted thatching companies out there. Our database includes businesses that meet our high standards. 

And here on our website, you’ll find plenty of resources as well as our exclusive members area. There’s so much to discover, including: 

  • Events and Activities 
  • Publications 
  • Apprentice Training 
  • Conservation Information 
  • Planning Information 
  • And More 

Whether you’re a customer seeking thatching services, an existing member, or a company looking to enquire about membership, you’re all welcome to get in touch. 

Get in Touch Now to Find Derbyshire Thatchers

If you would like to hire a professional thatching company to oversee work on your property’s thatched roof, look no further than the NSMT. The NSMT is your gateway to the world of thatchers. Here, you’ll find plenty of invaluable resources and a database filled with reputable thatching companies that we at the NSMT endorse. We also welcome thatching companies looking to apply for membership. To customers, we assure you that we only grant membership to thatching companies that have proven they meet our high standards. 

No matter the scale of your request, you’ll find the solution you’re looking for right here. To enlist a team of thatchers, proceed to our website. And if you’d like to speak to us directly, call the NSMT on 01530 222 954 now. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form or emailing 

National Society of Master Thatchers