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Are you searching for a thatcher to take on your roofing project? Are you interested in the work that is going into sustaining the future of thatching? Well, look no further than the National Society of Master Thatchers (NSMT), a group that supports thatchers in Dorset and beyond, giving them a platform. 

By coming to us, we can find you the best thatching expert in your local area, ensuring that you have industry elite working on your project. We also have an apprenticeship scheme that encourages young hopefuls to learn the skill of thatching. Our mission is to provide a stable platform for every registered thatcher and look for new ways in which to keep thatching going. 

If you would like to find out more information about thatching, or if you require a local thatcher, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team by calling 01530 222954

The Number One Dorset Thatchers Company

One of the most frustrating things that we come across when it comes to thatching services is false information. Unfortunately, some thatchers claim to be members of NSMT, duping customers into choosing their services. To weed out the members from the fakes, access our find a thatcher page.  

All you have to do is either type in the postcode of where the project is, or search by thatcher name. Our database will then locate the best thatching expert for you, and you can trust our search as we only list registered members. So, if a thatcher is claiming to be part of NSMT, search their name on our website and find out! 

Our Selection of Thatch Services

Our services are predominantly informational, but we do take steps to help sustain the future of thatching as an industry. We also assist with apprentice training. Our programme is supporting by a mentoring scheme, which helps hopeful thatchers understand thatching and the skills required to succeed in this profession. 

The scheme involves an NSMT member employing an apprentice and training them up. The hopeful will learn skills and techniques and gain an understanding of thatching. During this time, we here at NSMT will assign a mentor to supervise their work and help them create a portfolio. 

Why Choose NSMT for Our Dorset Thatchers?

As mentioned, we only point you in the direction of a thatching expert that is a registered member of NSMT. So, there is no better company to turn to if you’re looking for an established thatcher. We are the largest recognised body of thatchers in the UK, providing a platform and place of support for industry professionals. 

We help thatchers maintain thatched roofs on properties of all kinds, from private to historical. We also conduct research and support conservation, as well as innovative designs. Thatch is our passion, so if you have any enquiries, we are the ones to call. 

Contact Us Today to Get a Free Quote

As you can see, we are a dedicated team passionate about thatching and looking after the skilful professionals in our industry. We go above and beyond to make sure that the industry is moving forward, and we cater to thatchers all across the country. Whether you are interested in our guidance about conservation or advice about planning permissions, our team will handle your query with professionalism and friendliness. 

We have made it incredibly easy for people to find the best thatching experts in the country by creating an online search database. If you have any more questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please call 01530 222954 or 07930 392652 for more information or send an email to 

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