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Are you looking to hire a team of professional, trusted Exeter thatchers? Then look no further than the National Society of Master Thatchers as our database contains details of the finest thatching professionals in the UK. We represent around 30% of the thatching industry or around 350 master thatchers. With members located up and down the country, you’re sure to find ones near you that can offer great service and competitive prices.

Here at the NSMT, we’ve embraced our role which is to support, encourage, and advance the craft of thatching and allied crafts. We serve as an unbiased source of information and intermediary in a dispute between members and their clients. Above all, we’re the resource of first choice for our members, their customers, conservation officers, and the media.

If you have a genuine interest in, are part of, or are a customer of the thatching industry, make us your first port of call. Phone 01530 222954 to get started.

The First-Choice Exeter Thatchers

For first-choice Exeter thatchers, look no further than the NSMT. We’ve scoured the country to find a choice of companies that share our passion for quality, affordability, and the heritage of thatch. Using our handy online ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool, you can quickly and easily locate reputable thatchers in Exeter and beyond.

Our Selection of Thatching Services

While we do not provide thatching services, we serve as an invaluable resource for those looking to hire a master thatcher in their area. With around 350 master thatchers in our database, you’re sure to several in the Exeter area that can assist you. Our skilled member thatchers provide a range of services, including:

To hire a skilled thatcher near you, click on our ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool. If you know the name of a thatcher, simply enter this into the search bar. Otherwise, enter your postcode and click ‘Search by Postcode’. You’ll see a map with pins indicating the location of all thatchers in your area.

You can bring up information on each of these thatchers by clicking on the various pins. Alternatively, you’ll see the thatchers listed below with entries that include contact details, addresses, email addresses, and links to their websites.

Benefits of Our Thatching Services

If you’ve read this far, you might be considering going it alone, doing your own research, and hiring a thatcher that is not a member of the NSMT. We are by no means saying that only NSMT thatchers can be trusted. There are many excellent thatchers that have chosen not to become members.

However, there are benefits to using an NSMT member. For one, we remove uncertainty and guesswork, assuring you of excellent service at competitive prices every time. That’s because our members are held to a high standard and must meet strict requirements to retain their memberships. Here are just a few reasons why it’s advantageous to hire an NSMT member:

  • Guaranteed Access to Highly Accredited Thatchers
  • Quickly Identify Reputable Thatchers Near You
  • Saves You Time and Money
  • Provides Complete Peace of Mind
  • Access to Unbiased Intermediary Support if a Dispute Arises

Finding a decent thatcher outside of the NSMT can be a minefield. You could easily come across one that falls far short of your expectations, leaving you out of pocket. Also be wary of any thatchers displaying our logo that don’t appear in our database. If in doubt, run their details, and if they don’t appear but display our logo, look elsewhere.

A Guide to Thatching Specifications

Our website features a guide to thatching specifications, which contains the definitions for various terms used in the industry. The site also lists information regarding the main thatching materials that are commonly used.

The first of these materials is combed straw, which is made by mechanically removing the grain by processing the straw using a comber attachment. This attachment is fitted to the threshing drum. The resulting material is undamaged with straw stems devoid of weed, grain, or leaves. These stems are mechanically bundled and clipped.

Next up is long straw. Long straw skips the comber attachment, instead removing the grain mechanically as the straw is fed through the thresher drum. This does require further processing to straighten the broken straw stems, while removing the weed and grass. Long straw is popular for those looking to achieve a more rugged appearance.

Water Reed 

Water reed is one of the most commonly used materials in the thatching industry. It’s use dates back to the Bronze Age, and it is a material often found in wetlands where a professional cutter manages and cuts it. Water reed is a heavy material, and so is not suitable for every roof. 

Here in the UK, we import large quantities of water reed from overseas as only 10% of the reeds used come domestically. 

Why Choose Us

Since our earliest origins dating back to 1947, we’ve long committed ourselves to preserving the heritage of thatch. Today, we remain committed to encouraging, supporting, and advancing the craft of thatching and allied crafts. Our mission is to promote an understanding of thatch and thatching, while driving and upholding the high craftsmanship standards and business integrity.

We strive to protect thatcher properties through risk management and information sharing. We research and promote new sources of thatching materials, and we negotiate with official bodies on behalf of member thatchers. We’re the largest recognised body of thatchers in the UK and a proud part of the International Thatching Society (ITS).


See what our master thatchers are capable of and why you should hire an NSMT member, Exeter customers. Click on our gallery page for examples of work completed by our highly skilled members.

Areas We Cover 

With around 30% of the thatching industry as NSMT members, we provide coverage up and down the country. All areas are covered by our members, so you’ll have no trouble finding a company to carry out repairs and installations in Exeter. 

Contact Us Today

So, if you’re looking to hire a team of accomplished master thatchers in Exeter, the place to start your search is the NSMT. Use our handy ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool and discover thatching companies in your area in just seconds. Our tool makes it so much easier to find trusted thatchers to handle all works, from repairs and ridging to roof installations.

Here at the NSMT, we’re always delighted to discuss our role in the thatching industry and the work we do to further the heritage of thatch. We’re always delighted to answer questions and provide information and access to resources to any interested in parties. Whether you’re looking to become a member, looking for a thatcher, interested in an apprenticeship, or something else thatching-related, look no further.

The quickest way to get in touch with the NSMT is to phone us on 01530 222954. Alternatively, you can contact us using a written method – fill out our online form or email info@nsmtltd.co.uk.

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