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Are you looking to get a brand new roof thatched with the highest quality straw? Then look no further than the National Society of Master Thatchers! We are the largest community of thatchers in all of the UK. We serve you by getting you in contact with a long straw expert that thatches near you. In addition, we work to preserve the history of these thatched properties by using the best thatching techniques and materials.  

Our experts can use a wide variety of different types of straw, especially long straw. The NSMT is fully equipped to assist you with thatching installation, maintenance, repairs, and re-thatching your roof with long straw. So please don’t waste any time, and get in touch with us right away by calling us on 01530 222954 or by emailing us at info@nsmtltd.co.uk. We will get back to you as soon as possible regarding all of your thatching and long straw needs. 

Quality Long Straw for Thatched Roof Suppliers  

Thatched roofs are roofs made explicitly with vegetation and such raw material. It is a mastery-based construction technique that is passed down through the generations. There are many different methods when it comes to thatching, while the most common and famous is the European style of thatching. 

National Society of Master Thatchers, Long Straw Water reeds and long straws are the most frequent materials used to make thatched roofs. The thatched roof consists of a base and a ridge, which is the roof’s highest point. Therefore, the thatched roof can be entirely made of the best quality long straw! 

Long straw gets its name from the way the final roof looks rather than the length it grows. Only the grain has been removed from the straw, which leaves a tangled and broken straw that requires extra processing before being used for thatching. As a result, the roof has a slightly shaggy appearance, and stick work around the eaves and gables is commonly used, which is then cut to form a neat edge. 

We here at the NSMT have the largest community of thatchers in all of the UK. We have years of experience and an excellent team of expert thatchers that you could possibly find. Our services allow us to direct you to one of our master thatchers near you! Once we have found you a registered professional thatcher, they will assist you with installation, maintenance, or repair of any long straw thatch roof that you may have. If you do not have a long straw thatch roof and are looking to get one, then we have got your back as our thatchers have the best and most reliable suppliers of high quality long straw.  

Moreover, our master thatchers’ qualifications and expertise are up to the highest of thatching standards. They will help you with thatch work on your roof as well as help you by educating you on how to take care of your long straw thatch properly. Maintenance and frequent assessment will help the thatch roof’s longevity. We will also make sure to teach you how to avoid the risk of fire. Fires are responsible for burning down several thatched houses every year, but our experts will ensure that you take all necessary precautions to avoid fire risks. 

Our Range of Long Straw Materials  

The long straw that is used for thatching is made specifically for thatching. Meaning, it is grown and harvested in a specific way to ensure that it will be perfect for your thatched home. Although long straw is only one of many different thatching materials, long straw is a broad term for many different types of straw. Therefore, it depends on how it is grown, cultivated, harvested, as well as finally treated to become the perfect thatching material.  

Older wheat types that produce tall, strong-stemmed straw produce the finest quality thatching straw. However, to make the finest quality long straw, they need to be harvested before they fully ripen. If they are left to ripen fully, then they will become soft and very brittle, which is not suitable for thatch roofs at all. That’s why master thatchers from the NSMT make sure their suppliers harvest the most reliable and sturdy long straw that is the best option for long straw thatched roofs. 

Now that the long straw has been harvested and supplied to our professional thatchers, they can begin setting up your very own thatch roof! The thatched roof is made out of the base and the ridge, which is the roof’s highest point.  The internal base of the thatched roof can also be made completely of long straw.  

The NMST’s master thatchers will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you desire from your thatched roof! Suppose it is the installation for a brand new thatch long straw roof that you desire, or  re-thatching or re-ridging your roof and would like to change the material used into the long straw, which will give your roof a more shaggy appearance. In that case, we will deliver the absolute best service possible! 

devon reed, National Society of Master Thatchers

Other Materials we Offer for Our Thatched Roofs  

Thatching material differs in longevity, durability, and of course, appearance. A master thatcher from the NSMT will help you decide on what is the best material for your thatch roof. Combed wheat, long straw, short straw, or water reed are all different types of material that are commonly used in thatching. 

Water reed has been used as a thatching material in the UK for generations. It is also the most prevalent thatching material in Europe. Water reeds may be found in reed beds along rivers in all regions where there are reed beds. Regardless of where it comes from, there is always variety in the material from length to diameter, as well as the degree of tapering. All of these factors have an impact on the material bundles that are utilised on the roof. But you should not worry, as one of our master thatchers will help you by selecting the best quality of reed for your thatch roof! 

Another type of vegetation material that is used for thatched roofs is combed wheat. Combed wheat reed is mainly used to form and construct the ridge of the thatch roofing. Wheat reeds are primarily cultivated for usage as thatching straw. Combed wheat reed is traditionally made by binding wheat with a binder and drying it in the sun. A threshing machine or drum is then used to extract the grains from the sheaves. The wheat reeds were then combed and removed any grains, leaves, or broken straws in a threshing machine with a comber on top.  

Combed wheat reed comes from the same place as long straw, but it’s straightened and cleaned mechanically using a reed comb. The resultant bundles make the roof look smoother and more consistent. Much like the long straw, it has a lifespan of up to 40 years. 

Why Come to NSMT for Our Long Straw Thatched Roofs?  

When you need a reliable and dependable thatching service, you can rely on the NMST to provide you with the best master thatchers near you! The NMST has a mission to maintain and conserve the beauty and culture of thatched roofs all around the UK. That is why our preservation efforts reach you with our master thatchers. At the NMST, our master thatchers will provide services to install, maintain, repair as well as re-ridge or re-thatch your thatched home! 

As it is our mission to keep the history and heritage of thatched properties, we also aim to keep the profession of thatching well and alive with our apprenticeship program. Professional and highly experienced thatchers will provide guidance and direction for future thatching professionals in order to pass down this traditional profession. 

Not only do we service thatch roofs and properties, but we also provide the appropriate teaching and education services. Our master thatchers will teach you all about proper thatch roof care in order to increase the longevity of your long straw thatch roof. Fire risk safety is also discussed heavily to help you avoid a disastrous situation. 

Combed wheat, water reed, and especially long straw are all materials that our master thatchers are readily able to provide you with. Most professional thatchers acquire their material from harvesters that grow their crops specifically for thatching. This way, you can know that you are getting the highest quality service and material in all of the UK! 

Finally, the NMST works with the highest level of professionalism. We work with governmental accordance when it comes to the preservation of historical thatched landmarks. When we service anyone else, we deliver the exact same level of expertise and professionalism. So when it comes to thatching, the NMST is by far the best thatching service and community in all of the UK! 

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If you are looking for thatching work on your property professionally, look no further than NSMT! We are a group of thatching specialists dedicated to preserving and protecting our history by preserving properties and ensuring their longevity. We’ll make sure you have a master and professional thatcher available whenever you need one. The thatchers of the NMST will be on hand to help you plan, install, maintain, and preserve your thatched home or property. We also collaborate with government officials on contracts for the preservation of historical sites. 

The NMST provides long straw thatching services in all of the UK! Our master thatchers have suppliers that provide them with the best and highest quality long straw for your thatch roofs. So all you have to do is give us a call on 01530 222954 or reach out to us by email at info@nsmtltd.co.uk for any of your long straw thatching enquiries and needs. 



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