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Are you searching for the most reputable Lymington thatchers to work on your property? Are you looking for a competitive valuation that won’t cost you a fortune? Then look no further than the National Society of Master Thatchers. Thatchers we are not; what we are is the largest recognised body of master thatchers in the UK.

If you’re looking for an experienced, reliable thatching company to work on your property, we’ve saved you the time searching for one. Simply call up our ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool, and in seconds, you’ll have the details of member thatchers in your area. Our members have years of experience working on houses of all types and work to the high standards required by us.

Be wary of thatchers bearing our logo that do not appear in our database. Know who you’re hiring for complete peace of mind. For a FREE valuation, use our online search feature or for more details, call the NSMT on 01530 222954.

The First-Choice Lymington Thatchers

Here at the NSMT, we proudly represent the best thatchers in Lymington. We’ve procured a list of the most trusted thatchers, saving you the time searching for thatchers to work on your property. Through our website, you’ll find all the information you require, from the heritage of the thatching industry to details of local thatchers. And you can secure a valuation using our search feature.

Hiring a thatcher that’s a member of the NSMT is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you receive the right service, carried out to a high standard for a price that’s affordable. And we at the NSMT do more than vet thatchers in Lymington. Our mission is to maintain the heritage of thatch. If your property is of significant historical importance and beauty, our mission is to keep it as such.

As part of our mission statement, we look into and promote the creation of new thatching material sources. Furthermore, we protect any thatched property through risk management and information sharing. Plus, we negotiate with official bodies on behalf of members, and serve as a neutral intermediary in disputes. You can read the full mission statement on our website.

We also seek to nurture the next generation of thatchers. Your thatched property will likely last decades if not longer. So, it’s important to ensure that new thatchers are trained to the same high standard. Many of our member thatchers offer apprenticeship training, perfect for school leavers aged 16 and over.

So, whether you’re enquiring about a valuation for a thatcher to work on your property, interested in learning more, or wish to become an apprentice, it all starts with the NSMT.

Our Selection of Thatching Services

The NSMT does not provide thatching services. We have no thatchers of our own, so you cannot hire us to work on your property. What we do, instead, is serve as a representative body for those that do. Our members comprise roughly a third of the thatching industry, and all have demonstrated the high standards that we expect of our members.

You can find member thatchers through our ‘Find a Thatcher’ search function. Simply enter the name of a thatching company. Failing that, enter your postcode, and your search will return details on thatchers in your area that are available to work on your property. Each thatcher has their own listing with the following information:

  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number (if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Website

Through this feature, you can obtain a valuation by clicking on any of the thatchers’ websites and requesting a quote. This way, you can compare valuations, to find the one that’s right for you.

In addition, we engage in research, support the mechanisms of conservation, and promote new and innovative designs, materials, and techniques. Our services are geared towards preserving the rich heritage of thatch, Lymington residents.

Benefits of Our Thatching Services 

If you’re considering hiring a thatcher to work on your property, there are many benefits to choosing an NSMT thatcher. The benefits of requesting a valuation from an NSMT thatcher include: 

  • Access to Roofers Accredited to the Highest Standards 
  • Access to Reputable Thatchers Near to You 
  • Save Yourself Time and Money 
  • Assure Yourself of Peace of Mind 
  • Access to Unbiased Intermediary to Handle Any Disputes 

You won’t get such guarantees from thatchers who aren’t NSMT members. So, next time you need a thatcher to work on your property, come to the NSMT to find one near you. 

A Guide to Specification

On our website, you’ll find our guide to thatching specifications. In this guide, property owners will find information concerning terms often used in the thatching industry. These include the different types of thatching materials used on houses up and down the country. The main materials are:

  • Combed Straw
  • Long Straw
  • Water Reed

The process for creating combed straw involves mechanically removing the grain by processing the straw using a comber attachment, affixed to the threshing drum. This results in undamaged straw stems, devoid of grain, weed, and leaf. The stems are then mechanically tied into a bundle, clipped, and readied for use on any property.

Long straw is different in that it’s processed slightly differently. The process involves removing the grain mechanically as the straw passes through the thresher drum. This results in broken straw stems, weed, and grass. Further processing then removes the weed and grass while straightening the straw stems.

The last option is water reed, a material that dates back to the Bronze Age. This material is found in wetlands where it’s cut by professional cutters who manage the marshlands in which it grows. Water reed is the strongest but also the heaviest option, so isn’t suitable for every property.

About 10% of the reeds used for thatching are produced in the UK. The rest is imported from overseas. Our member thatchers know which reed to use on which houses to ensure the best results, Lymington customers.

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lymington thatchers

Why Choose Us?

The National Society of Master Thatchers can trace its origins to 1947. We have a long and established history, making us the perfect choice to recommend thatchers to work on your property. Property owners can seek a valuation by utilising our ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool. We’ve made it as easy as possible to locate local thatchers and request a valuation through their websites.

Property owners can take comfort knowing that our organisation represents around 30% of the thatching industry – around 350 thatchers nationwide. That means you’ll have plenty of options when looking for a professional to work on your property. And thanks to our ongoing commitment to preserving the heritage of thatch, property owners can continue to come to us for valuations for years to come.

Our member base continues to grow, so if you run a thatching company and would like to apply for membership, we encourage you to get in touch.


Before you request a valuation, Lymington property owners should check out our gallery. Here, you’ll find images of the work carried out by our member thatchers.

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So, if you’re seeking the assistance of professional Lymington thatchers, look no further than the National Society of Master Thatchers (NSMT). We’re the largest recognised body of thatchers, representing around 30% of the thatching professionals in the UK. We hold our members to a high standard, so if you need work done on your property, we should be your first port of call.

Houses with thatched roofs require specialist roofing services that many roofing companies are not equipped to provide. Before you hire a thatcher, however, you should consider their credentials, reputation, and capabilities. We simplify matters by doing all the legwork for you. You can hire any of our master thatching professionals, safe in the knowledge that they’ve been fully vetted.

And if you’d like to speak to someone at the NSMT, you can do so by giving us a call on 01530 222954. Alternatively, fill out our contact form or email

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