Roof Thatchers Near Me

Have you been searching the web for ‘roof thatchers near me’? Then you’re in luck, as you’ve now found the experts at NSMT. We have an extensive network of master thatchers available for property owners that require roof thatching services to get in touch with. You can rely on our team to recommend you a thatching team that is suitable for the project you have at hand. 

Our team are always willing to discuss client projects at length and push them in the direction of suitable thatchers, so call us now on 01530 222 954 to learn more. Alternatively, email, and we’ll reply shortly. 

How to Find a Master Thatcher 

When having thatching work carried out on your home, whether it be the installation of a new roof or the maintenance of an existing one, it is essential to hire experts. Unfortunately, many clients have difficulty finding a reliable contractor that can carry out the required thatching services. It is here where we at NSMT come in to help. 

We have a vast online database that has information on local thatching teams all over the country. Finding master thatchers near you has never been easier, as we can locate professionals that can work on both water and wheat reed roofs. 

Roof Thatching Services 

Thatching services have undoubtedly become a rarity nowadays, yet there are still many contractors that practise thatching. Thatching services often entail the general maintenance of thatched roofs, as well as repairs. It is essential for your thatched roof to undergo some form of upkeep if it is to last. It is for this reason that property owners with a thatched roof are always on the lookout for fully trained thatching contractors. 

Straw Thatched Roofs 

Straw thatched roofs are a speciality that only certain contractors are able to tackle. If you have a straw-thatched roof on your property or are looking to have one fitted, then you must find a capable team. Those who only specialise in water and wheat reed roofs will not be able to assist with straw-thatched roofs. Thanks to our vast network of thatchers, we’re confident in being able to locate quality master thatchers for local clients in need of straw thatching services. 

National Society of Master Thatchers

Why Choose Our ‘Thatchers Near Me’ Service? 

We at NSMT are proud to have an extensive network of master thatchers available for property owners in need. Using our system to locate expert thatchers is quick and easy for everyone who is interested. We have made sure that our thatcher search options are simple to use and yield excellent results. You’re sure to find a team of master thatchers close to you when you choose to use our services. 

We want clients to be assured of the skill of the thatcher that they will be hiring. As such, we’ve put together a dedicated online gallery  that shows off some of the best work carried out by contractors in our network. These images will assure you of the quality available when you search for master thatchers through us. 

Contact Us 

So, are you tired of searching ‘roof thatchers near me’? Then take advantage of us at NSMT today! You can learn more about the network of master thatchers that we’re connected to by reaching out to a member of our friendly team now. Our staff will be more than willing to provide you with useful information and answer any questions you have. 

You can speak to a member of staff directly by giving us a call on 01530 222 954. Alternatively, if you have any long queries, you can email us at, and we’ll get back to you promptly. 

National Society of Master Thatchers