Roofing Apprenticeship 

If you have been looking for a roofing apprenticeship, we have got the perfect opportunities for you. The National Society of Master Thatchers is offering roofing apprenticeships through a mentoring process. A knowledgeable and highly experienced NSMT member chooses apprentices and trains them with their roofing skills.  

All roofing experts start somewhere: an apprenticeship. If you like practical work, working outdoors with your hands and putting stuff together, you might have a bright future in being a roofer. During your roofing internship with NSMT, our specialists will mentor you through practical work to help you get the knowledge and essential experience you need to launch your roofing career. 

To find out which NSMT roofers are open to offering apprenticeships in your area, go to ‘Find A Thatcher’ on our website. To learn more about roofing careers, you can call us on 01540 222 954 or write to us at  

Thatching Apprenticeship  

The NSMT is proud to offer a thatching apprenticeship through its mentoring scheme. In addition, we provide roofing apprenticeships for students who might not find satisfaction in higher education beyond the age of 16 and would like to discover the world of craft. Once students are enrolled in the NSMT roofing apprenticeship, our roofing apprentices train towards an NVQ in thatching.  

Each apprentice is assigned an NSMT mentor, who, in conjunction with their Master, will oversee their roofing and assist them in compiling their roofing portfolio.  We provide this portfolio at the start of the roofing apprenticeship to record the various aspects of their job. The goal is to create a roofing portfolio reflecting the skills and health and safety training we provide.  

So, if you are interested in a roofing apprenticeship with NSMT, read on to discover more about roofing, working with us, and why you should choose us for the roofing track you are looking for. You can also call our friendly team for any inquiries, and we will gladly guide you through our apprenticeship process.  

About our Thatch Roofing Apprenticeship  

NSMT is proud to offer one of the best thatch roofing apprenticeship programmes in the UK. Our unique experienced NSMT members employ our roofing apprentices to train and have the skills and experience excellent skills and experience. 

With the help of our NSMT mentors, roofing apprenticeships will help you train and work under supervision, gain the skills and knowledge you need, and start building an excellent roofing portfolio for the future. This way, when they also apply to other thatching firms and ours, apprentices will have solid training to rely on that would impress prospective employers.  

By the end of the roofing apprenticeship, the NSMT offers you a Certificate of Completion and work assessed for an NVQ-:2 QUE 842, and you can continue to achieve an NVQ L3- QUP 870. 

You can begin your roofing student journey by finding out which experienced NSMT roofers are available to offer you an apprenticeship in your area. For example, you may refer to ‘Find A Thatcher’ on our website, type your postcode, then get contact details for our roofers that work near your location.  

What Exactly Does a Thatcher Do?  

So, if you do not have the best understanding of what a thatcher does, don’t panic. Thatching includes preparing the roof and materials needed before starting, then putting up and securing ladders to access the roof, stripping the old roof, checking for damage, repairing, and preparing the materials. 

A thatcher uses various roofing craft tools, including needles, mallets, and shearing hooks. The best way to get into thatching is through our NSMT thatching apprenticeship. Thatching is a physical job, so you need to be a hard worker excited to learn new skills from the most qualified roofers in the UK.  

Being a thatcher means you are interested in the practical work and soak in all the valuable knowledge from our specialists all over the UK. 

So, if you are a student who wants to discover the world of craft aside from higher education and above 16, you can qualify for our thatching apprenticeship. Learn with the best in the field and get your certificate! Read on to understand more about thatching, a brief history, and why you should consider NSMT for your roofing apprenticeship. 

National Society of Master Thatchers

How Long Does a Thatch Roofing Apprenticeship Last?  

To learn how to thatch, you must first find your thatcher on NSMT. Our roofers are some of the most professional around the UK. So, you would learn from the best Master Thatcher’s in practice. Master Thatcher used to refer to a Master of the Craft, but it is now used by most thatcher’s and has a broad sense. 

The roofing apprenticeship may typically last between 4 and 5 years. However, in reality, it lasts depending on how well you progress. There is much to learn in roofing careers. You will learn about the materials that belong on a roof to the three primary materials, and their applications, to twisting spars and ridging. But that is only the start. The more you work on the wide range of thatched properties, the better you understand how to manipulate them. The thatcher’s experience is crucial, and NSMT only has the most experienced to ensure you get the best apprenticeship outcomes possible.  

It is crucial to know what you will learn, how you will learn and when you will learn it. So, find your thatcher today and contact them to discuss your training and establish goals to get to where you want to be.  

For decades, combined wheat reed was the thatching material of choice produced as a by-product from grain production. Today, it is a specialist product as combining harvesters means that only older equipment can still produce it. These roofs usually have a more rounded appearance than water reed but lack some of the durability. Ridges are usually made from combed wheat reed, though some can be made from rye straw, sedge, or heather.  

Longstraw is essentially the same as combed wheat reed but is produced using a different method once brought in from the field. Longstraw roofs sport a shaggier appearance and are the most labour-intensive thatched roofs to install. Not all thatching specialists are trained to work on longstraw roofs, so make sure you keep this in mind when looking for a company to work on your thatch roof.  

An Introduction to Thatching  

Thatching today might be a rare sight, but thatching offers huge constructional and environmental advantages. For this reason, thatching is being revisited today. Thatching and the new unique roofing design works great with a variety of climates. It has also made its debut in high-end resorts in popular tourist destinations worldwide, prized for its unique appeal.  

Thatcher’s use traditional craft skills, materials, and tools to replace or repair roofs. With the proper guidance from NSMT roofers, you will learn and build an excellent roofing portfolio that opens up many doors.   

Thatching requires a passion for learning about building and construction, paying attention to detail, patience for acting in stressful situations, teamwork, flexibility, leadership and customer service skills. We will teach you everything you must know theoretically and practically under the supervision of some of the most talented Master Thatcher’s in the UK. So, contact us today, or visit our website to Find a Thatcher taking apprentices near your location. 

A Brief History of Thatch  

Thatching is a historical means of roofing. Thatched roofing backdates to nomadic times, when the first hunter-gatherers invaded the North Sea and the Baltic Sea before settling there permanently. 

Thatched roofing was the material of choice when they built houses and roofs to dwell in. This was because the materials were readily available, and the thatching technique was the best way to protect from rain whilst also allowing air circulation. 

Farmers and fishers began to construct thatched roofing out of reed. Reeds are a group of tall, grass-like plants found in marshes and due to its waterproof properties, they are a great natural building material for thatching. 

Thatched roofing has always been considered versatile, enduring, and appealing. No matter the material used, whether reed in the past or wood and synthetic material today, thatched roofing is a sustainable and aesthetic choice that has been revived in our day.  

Why Choose NSMT for Your Thatch Roofing Apprenticeship?  

While many companies offer thatch roofing apprenticeships here in the UK, NSMT is your go-to company for the best thatch roofing experience you need. We offer you the opportunity to contact the best NSMT roofers through ‘Find Our Thatcher’. Moreover, our mentoring process helps you through step by step. This will allow you to build a career by learning and working with the best in the field.  

Our experience and knowledge in the roofing trade allows you to learn the most from this experience while getting the Certificate of Completion and work assessed for an NVQ-L2 QUE 842. You will get to work alongside the Master Thatcher, learn from the best, understand the materials, the techniques, and the skills needed for your success in the industry.  

All of our member’s work has been peer inspected, and we adhere to our Guide to Considerate Site Practice. 

Find a Thatch Roofing Apprenticeship Now  

If you are excited to start your thatch roofing apprenticeship, visit ‘Find A Thatcher’ on our website, type in your postcode and get contact details for our thatchers nearby. Our digital approach simplifies your search and will give you all the excited NSMT roofers looking to teach and help apprentices on their way.  

NSMT mentors and the Master Thatcher’s are ready to supervise the roofing work and teach the apprentices along the way. They will also help you compile a portfolio to record everything you learn and the work you complete to create a portfolio reflecting your physical skills and health and safety training. 

If you have any questions or inquiries about our process, do not hesitate to get in contact with us by calling. Of course, you can also email us, and our helpful team will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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So, if you are interested in a roofing apprenticeship, NSMT is the premier company to offer you only the best. We are proud to have thatching members all over the UK ready to teach and prepare you for a roofing career.  

NSMT provides you with the best thatching apprenticeship alongside our mentoring scheme producing the best roofing training in the UK. This way, you will learn all aspects of the roofing career and be ready with a fantastic portfolio. 

So, go to our ‘Find a Thatcher’ page and quickly lookup our professional thatchers in your area. You can quickly contact them, which opens the door for your roofing apprenticeship.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries by calling us on 01530 222 954 or by emailing us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 



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