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The National Society of Master Thatchers is encouraging and advancing the thatching craft. We are promoting to people, who are looking for thatching, the real work of thatchers in Somerset. Our thatchers didn’t start to form collectively until the 20th century.  

Master Thatcher Associations (MTAs), which were country-based, aimed to enhance the high standards. The constitution was drawn up for accommodating the individual members, that has our current name, the National Society of Master Thatchers. Read on to know more about our exceptional and professional roof thatching services that we offer in Somerset. 

Find a Traditional Somerset Thatcher 

Thatching roofs became popular recently for aesthetic purposes. Garden structures and fixtures such as gazebos are also commonly thatched. Thatch is flexible; providing original designs, abiding by local traditions or depending on personal preference. The durability of the thatch depends on factors such as the roof’s water-shedding, the roof’s pitch, and atmospheric conditions. High humidity and wind are the most defining factors.  

The sort of thatch used will also factor in the thatch’s lifespan. Thatch fires are uncommon. Only 2% of house fires start from thatch roofing; they mainly come from the chimneystack’s hot gases leaking into the thatch, so make sure you have yours inspected regularly. You can ask our members anything, and they will give answers and advice for insurance, applicable drainage and the type of ridge you could or should lay. 

Roof Thatching Services in Somerset 

Our professional thatching members in NSMT work all over Somerset and outside. Work is overseen by coworkers abiding by our Guide to Considerate Site Practice. Unless someone is on our ”Find a Thatcher” page, they are not registered members and will likely mislead you. 

Most in Somerset work under the title ”Master Thatcher”. This title is not official, rather only an indication of their ability and professionalism. They are happy to demonstrate the expertise in their technique, be it Reed Thatching or on a long straw roof. 

In past years, the NSMT provided outstanding quality, development and exposure to the work of thatchers. We operate in multiple regions, and we may add non-NSMT members who still give high-quality services. 

Other Somerset Thatching Services 

One of the other services the National Society of Master Thatchers offers is fire advice. Since deep thatch constructed properties are always at a high risk of chimney fires or any particular fire, precautions must be taken. For example, if modern multi-fuel stoves fit into fireplaces, they could compromise chimney safety and cause a fire. You must get an installation and chimney construction checked or just use an alternative heater. 

Also, training and apprenticeships are mostly offered to school leavers. These people work towards an NVQ in thatching once enrolled on the NSMT scheme. Apprentices are employees working under an experienced NSMT to require knowledge and skills to excel in the craft. The apprentice will learn about Site Health and safety once the training begins. 

Contact Us 

For any enquiry about NSMT, please contact Andrew V Raffle, who is the Secretary to NSMT Ltd, in Warringtons, Gelsmoor Road, Coleorton, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 8JF. Please contact 01530 222954 or for our mobile, call 07930 392652 if you need us to explain anything. Also, you can email us at 

And, if you have any advertising or editorial features, please contact The Thatchers Standard Magazine (magazine enquiries only), Julia Shelley, on 01727 867729. Alternatively, email us at To complete the satisfaction survey, you will be reviewing the thatcher’s work. Also, you can download the application form if you want to be a part of NSMT and benefit from us. 

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