Thatched Roof Maintenance

Do you have a historic landmark that requires thatching and roof maintenance? Then look no further than the National Society of Master Thatchers! The NSMT is the largest and most well-known thatching community in the entirety of the UK. We serve you by helping you find a professional master thatcher near you that will help you with all your thatching needs!  

Our professional thatcher will help you with your thatched roof maintenance as well as repairs and preservation. To ensure thatch work has a future, we conduct research, promote conservation procedures, and encourage new imaginative designs. In addition, we provide apprenticeships and can connect you with a local thatcher! 

You can always rely on us for all your thatched roof maintenance needs or other thatching projects or repairs. For any information regarding our services, give us a call on 01530 222954 or reach out to us by email at, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

Find the Best Thatched Roof Maintenance Services  

Many old buildings in the UK hold history within their design and, most specifically, their thatch roofs. Thatched roof maintenance is why the NSMT is dedicated to helping you keep your thatched roofs and houses looking the best they can be!  

You can rest assured when working with us as we have many years of experience. The NSMT was created in the early twentieth century, around the 1940s, and this community of thatchers and apprentices in thatching is still active today. We are here to guide you and assist you in locating skilled thatchers to assist you with all your thatched roof maintenance needs! 

Our service of maintenance also involves teaching, education, and application of risk management. The most significant risk for thatch roofs are fires. That is why we take great care in ensuring that you are not in the misfortunate few who lose their thatched houses to fires. As a result, we also offer our customers thatch insurance. If anything were ever to go wrong, we would make sure to help you every step of the way! 

About Thatched Roof Maintenance  

Thatched roofs are unique due to the material they are made up of. Not all thatched roofs are the same as different materials such as water reed, combed wheat reed, longstraw, and ridge are used in other roofs. All these materials need different levels of maintenance due to their longevity. This is why our master thatchers know precisely what they are doing!  

Since each material naturally degrades over time, it eventually needs to be replaced entirely and thatched from nothing. We assure you that you will find the best thatcher to take care of your thatched house!  

When a master thatcher arrives at your location after agreeing to their service, they start your thatched roof maintenance with a routine inspection of the thatch roof. The inspection is essential to root out any problems as soon as possible before it gets worse. 

Benefits of Thatched Roof Maintenance  

If you are looking to keep your thatched property in the best shape and state it could be, then you have come to the perfect place! Here at the NSMT, our master thatchers provide the best work and service to maintain your thatch houses. Much like we mentioned before, routine care and inspection must be done to maintain these thatched properties or roofs. Both the thatched property or roof owner and one of our master thatchers can contribute to the thatched roof maintenance.  

The best research and practice of thatching recommends that the ride of the thatch should be changed every 10 to 15 years. This can vary on the type of material used, as some materials dry out much faster. To make sure your thatched roof is in the best shape it can be, you should make sure that it is dry. Inspecting the roof to make sure it is completely dry is important so that you don’t find damp spaces. This might lead to the growth of moss and algae, which will keep the roof wet. Frequently checking your thatched roof will increase how long it lasts. The drier it is, the longer it lasts!  

Thatched Roof Inspection  

Our master thatchers are prepared with the most up to date knowledge and information! When you require a master thatcher, we will direct you to the closest thatcher in your area. As a master thatcher arrives at your property, they reach you with a purpose to serve you by thatching or dethatching your roof or maintaining and inspecting your roof. The most important part of thatched roof maintenance is the timely inspection of your thatched roof and ridge to ensure that it is in the most tip-top shape it possibly could be.  

Inspection is not correlated with the repair; it’s the utter opposite! Inspection is done to ensure that problems are found early before they lead to disasters that could cause your thatch roof to be lost entirely to the most preventable causes. This is why our master thatchers are keen to notice every single detail of your thatched roof when inspecting it and are prompt to solve and patch any problem before it becomes catastrophic. 

What to Look for in a Thatched Roof Inspection 

The most dangerous and catastrophic causes for the deterioration of your thatched roof are the most unseen and unnoticed details. This is very concerning as not everyone knows what to look for in their thatched roofs. For help knowing what to look for, look no further than our master thatchers that are prepared to pinpoint every possible problem found in your thatched roof and ridge! 

An essential part of a thatch roof inspection is to look for any damp and wetness in the thatched roof or within the ridge! The most optimal condition for a thatched roof is to be dry and well kept. For playing online slots that pay real money, the preparation process is important. Just sign up with your email address and go through a verification process to confirm your age and identity. This is why a master thatcher will inspect the environment around your roof, property, and your home in general to spot any areas of dampness. The thatch roof must stay dry for it to last for around ten years. Dampness will cause mould, moss, and algae to build up and destroy the material it was made from. 

Why Choose Us for Thatched Roof Maintenance?

Thatching is a skill and mastery that has been passed down through generations! We take great pride in the society and community the NSMT has formed throughout the years. Thatching requires great skills and expertise, as well as vast knowledge and theory of the craft and technique required to be a thatching master!  

When a thatching master is needed to help you with any of your thatching needs, you can rest assured that we will deliver the best thatched roof maintenance service in all of the UK! We provide services that encompass all your maintenance needs! Inspections, rethatching, re-ridging, repairs, education regarding prevention of fires and pests, as well as providing thatch insurance in case of any misfortunate event. We provide all that you could possibly desire when it comes to thatch work! 

Find a Master Thatcher  

Finding a master thatch worker to conduct thatched roof maintenance on your property has never been easier! NSMT will help you find a member of our thatch society near you! All you have to do is enter a postcode, and we will list for you all your local thatch experts. If you have already worked with a thatch worker and want to get in contact with them, then you can simply search their name on our website to ask for their thatch services specifically! 

Contact Us

Are you looking for someone to work on your thatched roof maintenance correctly? Or possibly inspect the quality of the thatch roof on your property? Then look no further than NSMT, the UK’s largest thatching community that is dedicated to conserving the beauty and heritage of thatched houses and landmarks! We provide services by helping you find a member of our thatching community in your area. They will provide all that you need from thatching work, inspection, maintenance, repairs, fire hazard education, pest control, and even providing you with insurance for your thatched property! 

Give our team of expert thatchers a call at 01530 222954 right away or contact us by email at, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience! 

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