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Do you have a thatched roof and need to hire a professional and experienced team to maintain it for you? Perhaps you are interested in having a thatch roof installed but you wish to learn more about the material first. Well, whatever your requirements may be, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at NSMT are the premier team for all your thatching services. 

We have years of experience in the thatching industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this time, so we will be able to assist regardless of your requirements. Our database is the largest collated list of professional and registered thatchers in the UK, and our experts cover everything you need to know regarding thatch as a material. 

So, if you believe that we can assist you with your thatching requirements, you need only get in touch today. You can call us on 01530 222954 to speak to a member of our team and find out more.

Find the Best Thatching Services in Your Area  

When it comes to thatch, you will want to make sure you are working with a reliable and professional team. Any thatched roof is an investment in your property, so it will need to be maintained by a team that knows what they’re doing, and this is where we come in at NSMT. 

We are a team of experts that know everything there is to know about thatch as a material. Plus, we boast the largest database of registered thatchers, ensuring you can find a professional team to assist. With NSMT on your side, you will have access to the very best thatching services in your area. 

All About Thatching Services  

Here at NSMT, we want to make sure we can cater to all of our clients’ requests, which is why we provide such a vast range of thatching services. Our services are comprehensive and include: 

  • Finding a Thatcher 
  • Resources (Conservation, Apprenticing, Insurance) 
  • Events and Activities 
  • Information About Thatch 
  • And More! 

What is Thatching?  

Thatching is a roof structure that has been built with dry vegetation materials, such as straw and water reed. It involves layering the materials so as to shed any water away from the inner roof and it great for insulation as it stays dry and traps air by being densely packed. 

Brand New Roof Thatching  

Here at NSMT, we can put you in touch with a registered thatcher in your area who has experience in laying brand new roof thatching. This is one of our thatching services, known as ‘Find a Thatcher’, and it utilises our database to find registered Master Thatchers in certain areas. 

A Master Thatcher will be able to advise you as to whether roof thatching is suitable for your property and, if so, what type of thatching will be better suited. They can then install this roof thatching to the highest of standards, ensuring a roof that is built to last and looks fantastic. 

Thatched Roof Maintenance  

In addition to installing brand new roof thatching, Master Thatchers can carry out thatched roof maintenance too. This is where they come and inspect your thatched roof to identify any issues and have them rectified. They will be able to assess whether a simple maintenance service will suffice or whether you need to have a new roof installed. 

Approaches to Thatched Roof Maintenance  

There are many approaches to thatched roof maintenance, and there are many factors your Master Thatcher will need to take into consideration. To keep a roof in the best condition, it will need to kept dry, which can involve removing any debris that can hinder the sun or wind drying it.  

You will also need an experienced team to handle your roof, as anyone who doesn’t understand thatch can actually cause damage in the long run. Additionally, it is important to have your thatched roof inspected by an experienced thatcher every 8-10 years, ensuring it is still in great condition, 

Why Hire a Master Thatcher?  

It is important to hire a Master Thatcher to carry out work on your thatched roof because this is a material that requires an experience hand. There are many factors to take into consideration with thatching and, if someone doesn’t fully understand the material, they can end up causing more damage. So, it is always recommended that you hire a Master Thatcher for your thatching services. 

Why Choose NSMT for Thatching Services?  

Here at NSMT, we have years of experience in the thatching industry and know everything there is to know about thatch as a material. Add to that our large database of Master Thatchers, and we are the only team you need to call regarding thatching services. 

Contact Us 

While there are many companies in the UK dealing with thatch, you will be hard pressed to find a company that can compete with everything we have to offer here at NSMT. As well as having the largest database of registered thatchers, we provide all the information you need regarding thatch as a material, making us the premier team for thatching services. 

So, to find out more, simply get in touch with us today on 01530 222954 and speak to a member of our team directly. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or send an email to us at and we will respond shortly. 

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