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If you’re searching for the most reputable Uckfield thatchers, you should always look for our logo. That’s because members of the National Society of Master Thatchers have been carefully vetted by us, ensuring that they exceed the highest workmanship, service, and affordability standards of our industry. An NSMT member will take care of your thatched roof or install a replacement should you need one.

The NSMT is committed to protecting the heritage of thatching by working closely with homeowners and thatchers to maintain thatched roofs of historical importance and beauty. We strive to sustain the future of thatching through research, and through the encouragement of new and innovative designs and the support of conservation mechanisms.

Use our ‘Find a Thatcher’ utility to locate Uckfield thatchers near you. And if you have any questions or concerns, you’re always welcome to get in contact with the NSMT. Phone us today on 01530 222954 to get started.

The First-Choice Uckfield Thatchers

If you’re searching for top-rate master thatchers in Uckfield, then the National Society of Master Thatchers (NSMT) can be of service to you. We’re not roofers and don’t provide roofing services. What we do provide is access to the largest database of member thatchers in the UK. We’re the largest organised body of master thatchers.

A thatcher endorsed by us is a surety of professionalism, affordable service, and quality results. Besides this, we also work with thatchers and property owners in our continuing mission to maintain thatched roofs of significant historical importance and beauty.

As part of our mission statement, we investigate and promote the development of new sources of thatching materials. We protect thatched properties through risk management and information sharing. We negotiate with official bodies on behalf of members. And we do so much more, which you can read about on the mission statement page on our website.

We also provide apprenticeship opportunities supported by a mentoring scheme. One of our members employs an apprentice and they, in turn, train that individual to become competent in their craft. Our apprenticeships are available to school leavers aged 16 or over, and you’ll be working towards an NVQ in thatching.

Finding an NSMT thatcher offering apprenticeship places is very easy. You need only use the same ‘Find a Thatcher’ tool that customers use to find thatchers to service their roofs.

Our Selection of Thatching Services

Here at the NSMT, we represent member thatchers that offer a broad range of thatching services, from ridge replacements, to roof installations and repairs. We ourselves don’t offer these kinds of services, instead serving in a different capacity. Specifically, we help connect member thatchers with their customers through our ‘Find a Thatcher’ utility.

Search for the name of a particular thatcher. Failing that, enter your postcode and click ‘search’. The tool will return a list of thatchers near you. You’ll see clearly where they are thanks to the interactive map. And below the map, you’ll find details for each thatcher, including:

  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number (if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Website

As stated above, a lot of thatchers are claiming to be NSMT members. This tool is an excellent way of determining the truth as only member thatchers will be displayed.

Besides this, we also actively engage in research, support the mechanisms of conservation, and actively seek out new and innovative designs, materials, and techniques. Our goal is to preserve the heritage of thatch for as long as possible.

Benefits of Our Thatching Services

If your property is equipped with a thatched roof, you’ll need to make sure it’s taken care of. Thatched roofs require specialist upkeep that most roofers are ill-equipped to provide. That’s where thatchers come in, yet not all thatchers are made equal. Membership with the NSMT is a demonstration of quality, so we recommend always choosing one.

Many thatchers falsely display our logo – if unsure, check our ‘Find a Thatcher’ utility. If a thatcher does not appear, they are not NSMT members. As for the benefits, here’s a few reasons to choose an NSMT thatcher:

  • Access to Roofers Accredited to the Highest Standards
  • Locate Reputable Thatchers Near to You
  • Save Yourself Time and Money
  • Assure Yourself of Peace of Mind
  • Access to Unbiased Intermediary to Handle Any Disputes

A Guide to Thatching Specifications

Our guide to thatching specifications outlines the various terms used in the thatching industry and the different materials used. These materials include:

  • Combed Straw
  • Long Straw
  • Water Reed

With combed straw, the grain is removed mechanically using specialist techniques. The straw is processed by attaching a comber attachment to the threshing drum. This removes the grain, weed, and leaf from the straw, leaving the stems undamaged. The stems are then mechanically tied into a bundle, clipped, and ready to use on thatched roofs.

Long straw differs from combed straw in that the grain is removed mechanically when the straw passes through the thresher drum. This often breaks the straw and results in a combination of straw, weed, and grass. The straw is further processed so that it can be used for thatching. This involves straightening the straw and removing most of the foreign bodies.

Lastly, water reed, which is commonly found in UK wetland areas. Water reed is one of the oldest thatching materials, with use that dates back to the Bronze Age. Professional cutters manage the marshlands where water reed grows, ensuring reed supply, tourism, and protecting wildfowl habitats. They also cut the reed.

About 10% of the reeds used for thatching are produced here in the UK, with any shortfall being made up by reed imported from overseas.

On our guide to thatching specification, you’ll also find definitions for terms, including fixings, ridging, and flashings. Take a closer look at the guide and familiarise yourself with these terms, so you’ll be better informed when hiring professional thatchers.

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Why Choose NSMT

The NSMT traces its origins to 1947. While our name and status might have changed over the last 80 or so years, our mission statement has not. We’re committed to preserving the spirit of thatching and the expertise of our master thatchers. We represent roughly 350 master thatchers, or around 30% of the thatching industry.

All our member thatchers are held to high standards, and we keep a close eye on things to ensure that these standards don’t slip. When you choose an NSMT member, you’re getting certain assurances that you won’t get from a non-NSMT member.


Our members have worked on countless thatching projects throughout Uckfield and beyond. Our gallery is proof of their capabilities, showcasing their workmanship for you to see. These images should hopefully convince you to always choose an NSMT member thatcher to work on your roof.

Contact Us Today

So, if you’re looking to hire professional thatching services in Uckfield, you’ll want to find the best thatched roof specialists in your area. And you want to know that the thatchers you’re hiring are the highly accredited and trusted, and that’s where the NSMT comes in. We’re the National Society of Master Thatchers, and we only accept members that meet our high standards.

With our ‘Find a Thatcher’ utility, you can locate master thatchers in your local area who are true members of the NSMT. If a thatcher is not in our database but displays our logo, they are not certified members and should be avoided. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to know more about what we do, get in touch with the NSMT today.

The quickest way to do so is by calling us on 01530 222954. Alternatively, fill out our contact form or email info@nsmtltd.co.uk.

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