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Are you looking to install a brand new thatch roof? Or possibly replace the current one you have with fresh new water reed material? Then the National Society of Master Thatchers has got you completely covered! The NSMT is the largest community of thatchers in all of the UK. We will help you find a master thatcher near you, and they will provide you with the required installation, maintenance, and repair services. Water reed can be supplied specifically from our master thatchers and is readily available for all and any of your thatch properties.  


For thatching services using water reed material, you can give us a call at 01530 222954 or reach out to us by email at info@nsmtltd.co.uk, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

The Number One Water Reed for Thatched Roofs Providers  

Here at the NSMT, we pride ourselves on the best thatching community and service in all of the UK! Our master thatchers have the best supply of the finest water reed that you will ever find. All of our material is sourced from within the UK by harvesters that make the products specifically for thatching. 

The NSMT aims to provide conservation, preservation, and restoration services by helping you install, maintain, and repair water reed thatched properties. Moreover, our master thatchers are fully equipped with the skill as well as the knowledge and expertise needed. Our master thatchers will teach you and educate you about everything regarding taking care of your water reed thatched roof.  

Keep on reading to learn more about our water reed thatching services, as well as different materials that our master thatchers can also apply to your very own thatched roof! 

Variety of Reed Materials to Choose From  

Thatched roofs are built using a variety of materials, and the materials used are often locally sourced. The reason for using materials native to the local area is that they are already acclimated to the environment and so are better able to withstand it. Therefore, Devon reed is most commonly found in Devon and the surrounding areas. Among the other types of reed that exist, examples include: 

Longstraw is virtually the same as wheat reed though it’s processed a little differently after being harvested. 

Our Range of Water Reed  

For generations, water reed has been used as a thatching material in the UK. In Europe, it is also the most common thatching material. The water reed is considered a genuine reed rather than a produced byproduct, which is why the water reed is recognised as a superior material for thatching. 

Water reeds may be found anywhere there are reed beds near bodies of water. There is always variation in the material from length to diameter and amount of tapering, regardless of where it originates from. 

All of these aspects influence the specific material or water reeds that will be utilised on the roof. As a result, one of the NSMT’s master thatchers will help you by selecting the proper type of water reed or a combination of different reeds that would best suit your thatched roof. 

Water reed roofs are often regarded as the most durable of the thatching materials. Water reed roofs typically last between 25 and 40 years, but with proper maintenance, they may last up to 60 years! With the NSMT’s finest water reeds and best thatchers, your water reed thatched property can last a lifetime, all while looking stunning. 

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Other Materials We Offer  

The most known materials that are used in thatching are long straw, combed wheat reeds, and of course, water reeds.  

Combed wheat is another form of vegetation material used for thatched roofs. Combed wheat reed is primarily used to make and construct the thatch roofing ridge. Wheat reeds are planted primarily for use as thatching straw. In a threshing machine with a comber on top, the wheat reeds were combed, and any grains, leaves, or broken straws were removed. 

Moreover, thatching straw is also produced particularly for thatching. That is to say; it is produced and harvested in a precise method to ensure that it is ideal for your thatched home. It all relies on how it’s grown, cultivated, and harvested, as well as how it’s processed to make the ideal thatching material. The stick work around the eaves and gables, which is subsequently trimmed to make a clean edge, is what gives the roof a slightly shaggy appearance when thatched using thatching straw. 

Why Come to NSMT?  

The NSMT is the largest community of thatchers all over the UK. Our mission is to preserve the beauty of thatching as well as the practice itself. We have all of what you might need when it comes to thatching. We provide our service by getting you in contact with the nearest thatcher to your location. Once you are in contact with an NSMT thatcher, you can rest assured that you are in good hands! They will provide services of the highest professionalism and expertise when it comes to the installation, maintenance, and repair of your water reed thatched property.   

In addition to that, the NSMT hosts apprenticeship programs to pass on the historical and cultural profession of thatching to the next generation. Our teachings go from master to student and right back to our clients. Information and teaching of fire and electrical hazards are also taken very seriously. We make sure to cover every thatching detail to ensure you that you are getting the best service you will ever find! 

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Do you want to give your country home a more classic and luxury aspect with a water reed thatch roof? Then the National Society of Master Thatchers is the place to go! The NSMT is the UK’s largest network of thatching experts. We specialise in assisting you in locating the best thatching specialist in your area so that you can contact them and start your thatching project right away. Our thatching professionals will assist you with thatch installation, maintenance, and repairs, as well as training and instruction on how to maintain your water reed thatch roof properly. Our mission is also to keep the profession and culture of thatching well and alive! 

You can find the finest water reed supplied thatchers here at the NSMT! If you are interested in our water reed thatching services, then give us a call on 01530 222954 or reach out to us by email at info@nsmtltd.co.uk for any of your thatching enquiries and needs. 

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