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Do you require the assistance of Wimborne thatchers for your thatched roof? If so, you have come to the right place, as we at the NSMT can help put you in touch with reliable and professional Master Thatchers in your local area.

To find your local thatchers, simply use our handy Find a Thatcher database. If you require further information regarding thatch, just give us a call today on 01530 222954 and we will be happy to assist you further.

The First-Choice Wimborne Thatchers

When it comes to having any work carried out on your thatched roof, you will need to make sure you are working with reliable and professional thatchers. Only skilled and qualified thatchers can work on a thatched roof – it isn’t a service your standard roofer can handle. However, finding a reliable thatcher you can trust can be difficult, but this is where we come in to assist at the NSMT.

At the National Society of Master Thatchers (NSMT), we hold a database of registered thatchers across the UK. Every thatcher we list in our database is fully qualified, and their work is peer reviewed, ensuring quality. So, if you require the assistance of first-choice Wimborne thatchers, we can help put you in touch with your local experts.

Our Selection of Thatching Services

Here at the NSMT, we don’t carry out thatching services ourselves, but we can put you in touch with qualified Wimborne thatchers that can handle thatching services for you. Every thatcher listed in our database has extensive experience in the industry and can carry out a variety of thatching services, such as:

Here at the NSMT, what we can do is offer a wealth of information regarding thatch as a material. Our aim is to pass this information on, ensuring new generations can carry on the tradition of thatching in the UK. We hold a variety of resources, such as information on conservation, different thatch materials, and we even facilitate apprenticeship training.

We also have a handy Find a Thatcher service, where you can find registered local thatchers in your area. All you need to do is enter your postcode and it will list all the registered thatchers in your local area.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to the National Society of Master Thatchers, the largest recognised body of thatchers in the UK. Our aim is to help thatchers owners and maintain thatched roofs on properties across the UK. We do this by helping put owners and thatchers in touch with each other through our database and providing helpful information regarding thatch.

You can trust us to help you find reliable and professional Wimborne thatchers to assist with your thatched roof requirements. Every thatcher on our database is trained and qualified, and their work meets all the relevant standards and regulations.

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Would you like to see some of the work our registered thatchers have carried out over the years? If so, simply head to our gallery page, where we have posted countless images showcasing our registered thatchers exceptional work.

We are confident that seeing the quality of work our registered thatchers can achieve will convince you that we at the NSMT can help you find the best Wimborne thatchers for your thatched roof.

Contact Us Today

If you require the assistance of Wimborne thatchers for your thatched roof services, you need look no further now you have found the NSMT. We boast a database of registered thatchers, so we can help you find a reliable local thatcher.

Use our Find a Thatcher database or give us a call on 01530 222954 to find out more.

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